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Salary & Employment Outlook - Customer Service

Michael Page surveyed more than 2,700 clients across Australia’s biggest industries, all to find out their views on current and future hiring trends. A snapshot of what we discovered about the overview for customer service, including estimated salaries includes:

  • For four years the market has cut jobs in customer service in a bid to deliver cost efficiencies, this trend is now reversing, and 51% of our surveyed companies expect to grow their customer service teams in 2015/16
  • There’s going to be plenty of demand for those in mid-level roles, and anyone with social media experience and skills can expect to be sought after by employers.
  • As for salaries, things are looking good, a whopping 92% of our survey respondents expected their employees to receive a direct salary increase this year, and half of them expect direct employees to receive a bonus

To find out about the specific roles in demand, along with attraction and retention strategies you can expect to see, download the full Page Personnel Customer Service Salary & Employment Outlook