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Salary & Employment Outlook - Logistics

After collecting responses from more than 2,700 industry insiders and adding in our own expert knowledge and analysis, we’re pleased to present a collection of employment and salary overviews for Australia’s major industries.

Here’s what employers, workers and job seekers need to know about logistics recruitment:

  • Hiring trends; current levels of growth in the logistics sector have seen recruitment shift away from headcount growth and focus more on replacement of roles; this will see more demand for short-term and temporary positions during peak periods when overflow of work will result in the need for more staff
  • Regional overview; recruitment activity is strongest in Victoria and New South Wales where there’s a higher volume of established pharmaceutical, manufacturing and FMCG organisations
  • Sector requirements; those with experience in mid-level and management positions will see an increased demand, and there may be a slight rise in remuneration for some positions over the next 12 months

To find out how industry conditions are affecting salaries and which roles are in the highest demand, download the full Page Personnel Logistics Salary & Employment Outlook today