Great EAs, PAs, secretaries and office managers understand the importance of corporate gifting with a difference.

Think of it as part of your overall customer experience.

If your boss is striving to build a great relationship with a client, corporate gifts are a way to enhance that experience. It can also hold great meaning to some customers – particularly if they are used to receiving gifts from their other corporate partners. It might sound like spending money for no reason, but it’s a fairly cost-effective way of building and maintaining lasting relationships with customers and clients.

What is appropriate for corporate gifting?

Corporate gift ideas are usually relative to the size of the company you work for and the type of service you provide. For example, a digital marketing agency might choose a small, inexpensive gadget to leave with clients, whereas a law firm might opt for a food and drinks hamper.

Speak to your boss about the type of message they want to send. In addition, it’s always safest to choose a brand and product that isn’t specific to gender or age.

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Are corporate gifts only for clients or customers?

Not necessarily. If you can establish a good partnership with your corporate gifting supplier, you can use them for internal supplies and gifts, too. Many companies use office supplies such as hard bound notebooks, reusable water bottles and mouse pads as welcome gifts for new joiners, so you may be able to arrange a deal with your supplier to bulk buy from them.

Your boss may want to have a corporate gifting partner, as well as explore options for more personalised gifts for particular circumstances. Depending on who you choose as your corporate gifting partner, they might be able to offer both, so really do your research on everything that’s available.

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Should corporate gifts be branded?

This is entirely up to you and your boss. Although it’s worth remembering that if you’re giving this gift as a thank you for someone’s business, you probably don’t need to sell them your brand anymore. Gifts feel more authentic when there is no hidden agenda. But assess each occasion or come up with a framework around whether a gift should be branded or not, depending on the situation.

12 unique corporate gift ideas

Looking for interesting corporate gifts? Here are 12 ideas to help you break away from the usual branded notepad or pens:

  1. Terrarium or potted indoor plant

  2. Food and recipe meal boxes

  3. Fresh fruit basket

  4. Voucher for an experience such as an escape room challenge

  5. Spa package voucher

  6. Charity donation

  7. Coffee or tea blends

  8. Fresh bakery delivery

  9. Wine sampler

  10. Cheese and charcuterie board

  11. Personalised socks or beanies

  12. Portable phone charger

Planning corporate gift ideas is just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to being a top EA or PA. If you think you’ve got what it takes to excel in a new role, take a look at our latest job listings.

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