Today’s talent acquisition landscape is perhaps more competitive than ever. According to data from iCIMS, more than 90% of employers are hiring for new roles as they respond, recover and adapt to the new world of work. At the same time, 87% of companies say they have an existing skills gap, or expect to within the next few years. 

As organisations grapple to rebuild their workforces and close the skills gap, a strategic approach is critical to staying ahead of the game and attracting top talent. To engage high-calibre candidates, it’s essential to understand the attributes that motivate and inspire them to invest their talent in your company.

By proactively promoting your company’s unique values, culture and opportunities against competitors in your industry, prospective staff can gain a genuine insight into what it’s like to work for you – and why they want to.

Below, we explore some of the key factors that can help establish your organisation as an employer of choice in 2022 and beyond.

Clear company values

Top performers will gravitate towards an employer if there is a strong alignment between their personal values and the company’s values. Be sure to clearly promote the values on which your company is built, such as customer service, creativity and innovation, social improvement or market leadership.

What is your vision and mission? Does your culture reward teamwork? Do you celebrate individuality? Whatever your company values may be, showcasing them across your job ads and marketing collateral will help to attract like-minded individuals and increase the likelihood of finding the right match.

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A compelling employee value proposition (EVP)

Top performers want to know what sets your company apart. Consider:

  • What is great about your company culture?
  • How is achievement recognised and rewarded?
  • What opportunities are available to high achievers?
  • What can you bring to the table that other employers can’t?

Examples include career development opportunities, competitive pay, work/life balance initiatives and job stability. Clearly define your EVP and promote it across your website, public relations, advertising and social media so that prospective talent can see the genuine value in joining your company.

Employee advocacy

Employers of choice have strong brand recognition and a reputation for excellence in their market. The most discerning professionals use their networks to gain insight into the internal reputation of the workplace – in other words, the ‘real picture’ of what it’s like to work there, from the mouths of employees.

Are your employees brand ambassadors or critics? Work to engage and involve your existing employees – they are your most powerful source of credibility in establishing your organisation as an employer of choice.

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Learning & development opportunities

For high-achieving professionals, the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally is crucial for job satisfaction. According to data from PwC, candidates are even willing to trade an average of 11.7% of their salary for training opportunities – and that figure rises to 12.4% for those who work in high-demand fields like technology.

Do you offer ongoing training and development? Are there clear pathways for growth and promotion? Will employees have access to challenging and rewarding projects?

Cultivating an environment of continual learning and progression will help to engage existing employees and grow your reputation as a leading employer of choice.

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