Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you’re on the job hunt for a long time and just as you’re thanking the heavens for your first job offer, a second comes in as well? You go from a frustrating situation to a difficult decision – which isn’t always much better.

While you might be tempted to go straight for the highest paying role, there are plenty of other factors to consider in making this life-changing decision. Here are just a few:

Cultural fit

What is the office environment like? What’s the team dynamic like? Will you be working with the same people who interviewed you? One of the best advantages of using Page Personnel’s recruiters to find your dream job is that they have existing relationships with their clients – your potential future employer. Find out all you can about the office and your team to make sure it sounds like somewhere that you would enjoy working – if you’re not sure what you should be looking for, check out these 10 companies with fantastic cultures. Remember, a lot of money won’t make you happy if you spend every day miserable in the office.

Learning and development

If you didn’t ask this in your interview it’s a good idea to find out, either from your recruiter, company review websites or the person extending the job offer to you, if you have already had a previous dialogue and they seem happy to answer questions. Find out what sort of review system the company uses and whether there are opportunities for additional training in the role. You might be taking a step in the right direction by getting a new job, but it’s good to ensure you won’t get bored after six months and need something tougher.

Work perks

As well as a salary and superannuation, you might find that flexible working arrangements or overtime expectations are important to know. Find out if there are any formal policies or whether it’s something you can negotiate at offer stage, and if you need to know the ins and outs, read the government’s definition of flexible working arrangements.


Yes, I said it’s not the only factor to consider – but it’s definitely one of them. If your reasons for looking for a new role in the first place were related to your finances, then it’s important you negotiate for a salary you think you deserve. Make sure you know the going market rate for your role first – chat to your recruiter or take a look at our average salary rates before you start discussions with your future employer.


Possibly the most often forgotten factor, your new office location is something to think about. If your commute suddenly goes from 25 minutes to an hour and a half, you are going to be seriously digging into your work-life balance just getting to and from work each day. Are there places to go for lunch nearby or will you have to take a packed lunch every day? What about shops, restaurants and bars to visit with colleagues after hours? And if you’re planning on driving, is there adequate free parking or will you be expected to pay a lot for a permit? These things can all eat into your time and money, so don’t overlook the change in physical location.

It can be helpful to make a pros and cons list to help you figure out which of your multiple job offers is the most attractive on paper – but ultimately you should go with your gut, which one feels the best? Remember your job search etiquette too, don’t try to play both employers off against each other with benefits package options because it will only make you look bad.

Now that you’ve chosen between your multiple job offers, find out how to resign from your current job without burning any bridges.


Don’t accept a role until you’ve gone through your checklist:

  • Cultural fit – where will you be happiest working every day?
  • Learning and development – what opportunities are there for career progression?
  • Work perks – are there any? If so, what are they?
  • Money – will you get the salary you deserve?
  • Location – where will you be working? Is it far from where you live?
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