Recruiters deal with a lot of candidates and a lot of jobs. What can set you apart from the pack is demonstrating that you would make a good hire before you’ve even had an interview. 

When working with a recruiter to find a new role, it’s important to consider your needs, wants, values and the type of opportunities you’re open to. However, it’s equally important to put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and think about the types of candidates they’ll be looking for. Follow these tips to set yourself up for success.

1. Focus on relationship-building

Meeting with a recruiter is not simply about filling in forms, but rather building a solid relationship with the person who will be representing you in the market. The more a recruiter knows about your personality, professional goals and aspirations, the better position they’ll be in to put you forward for the right role.

2. Be honest

Recruiters don’t want to waste anyone’s time – not yours, not theirs and not their clients’. The relationship between a candidate and recruiter is a two-way street and it requires a certain level of trust, openness and reliability to succeed. 

If you are truly not interested in a job, let your recruiter know so they can move onto new roles. Be honest about why so they can get it right next time. On the other hand, if there is a job that you are really excited about, show your enthusiasm – businesses often want to hire people who are excited to work for them, even if you don’t have the exact experience or skill level they’re looking for.

3. Start with one recruiter

The first few weeks of a job search can be a busy time, and there is nothing worse than wasting your time talking with ten different recruiters only to come up empty-handed. 

Instead, focus on getting to know a single recruiter and exploring job opportunities exclusively with them, at least for the first few weeks. That way you can build a real understanding of each other, and narrow your search to jobs that truly suit you.

4. Pick up the phone

Avoid communicating with your recruiter purely via email or online. A quick chat by phone or via a virtual meeting can mean the difference between landing and missing out on an interview. Recruitment agencies can be fast moving, so it pays to be proactive, follow up and do whatever you can to stay at the front of your recruiter’s mind.

5. Prepare for interviews

Recruiters don’t expect you to get offered every job you interview for. However, if they receive good feedback and their client reports that you were well prepared, you will be at the top of their list for the next role. Candidates who are ill prepared, late or poorly presented are not likely to be put forward for future interviews. Put 100% effort into every interview, even if it’s not your first choice for a role.

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7. Keep the lines of communication open

Reply to messages, even if it’s just to say that you’ve found a new role. Recruiters remember the people who were reliable and responsive, and those who weren’t. A quick and efficient response also gives an insight into your professional demeanour – which can influence the type of roles they approach you with in future.

A successful job hunt should be a partnership between you and your recruiter. If you are easy to work with, responsive and well prepared, you’ll not only make your recruiter’s job easier but also put yourself in the best position to land your ideal role.

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