Leaving a job can be daunting as you step away from the known into something new. However, it can also be exciting, empowering and enriching. In the current candidate-short market, salaries are typically higher than average and businesses are offering generous benefits as well as interesting projects to attract motivated candidates.

So, should you hand in your resignation letter and find a new job? Here are nine reasons why it might be time to move on.

1. You’ve reached the salary ceiling at your company

If you have spoken to your employer and already learned that there is no room for a salary raise, it is understandable that you may look elsewhere to improve your income. With higher-than-average salaries currently being offered due to the candidate shortage, it could be the ideal time to make a move.

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2. You’re ready to take on new challenges

If you find yourself simply ‘going through the motions’ at work, it could be a sign that it’s time to take on different challenges at a new company. Fortunately, many companies are currently incentivising candidates with unique projects and opportunities, so your next exciting challenge could be right around the corner.

3. A promotion isn’t on the cards

The potential for being promoted into a more desirable or beneficial position is often a real motivation for many workers. However, if you have been working hard throughout your time at your current company and there is no option for promotion, you may want to look to other companies where this reward and room for growth is a possibility.

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4. You have new career goals

Who says you can’t retrain for a new career at 35? Or go travelling around the world at 45? If you have set new objectives or challenges for yourself, you might find taking on a new job is the logical next step to achieving your goals.

5. Your role is not what you expected

You may have been promised projects in your area of interest and ended up with entry-level menial work, or perhaps the company assured a healthy work-life balance in the interview and you’ve ended up spending all your free time at the office. Whatever the case may be, if the discrepancy between what you expected and what was delivered is too high, you have a valid reason to look elsewhere.

6. You’ve lost motivation

High-stress jobs can leave employees feeling burnt out and unmotivated. If you reach this point and have worked on ways to bring back your enthusiasm for the job to no avail, you may be better off starting afresh somewhere new.

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7. Your manager has left the team

Whether they have been promoted to a new role in the company or left altogether, the loss of a great boss can create change within the team dynamic. You might see this as a sign that it’s your time to find a new company as well, or perhaps you are concerned about the new management that is stepping in to fill the role.

8. You’re looking for a better work-life balance

It can be easy to slowly slip into the habit of cancelling after-work plans to stay late and finish up that project, or to stay in over the weekend and catch up on emails rather than spend time with friends and family. If this is the case, you may need to search for a role with a healthier work-life balance.

9. The time simply feels right

You may have been with the company for a while now, and it simply feels like the time to go. If your gut tells you that there may be new opportunities worth exploring, you have every reason to see what’s available.

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