You might have just spent the last few years at university, but don’t think that means you have nothing to include on your resume. Employers are always on the lookout for ambitious grads who want to prove their worth – and the first step is creating a resume that highlights this.

What experience should you include?

Think of all those projects you led, sports teams you joined and extra-curricular activities you organised – even presentation skills you’ve picked up are valuable in many roles. Part-time, evening and weekend jobs are also worth adding to your graduate resume, especially if you haven’t completed any term time or summer holidays work experience. They can demonstrate a range of skills when highlighted properly. Anytime you have been asked to meet certain metrics/KPIs or targets, it is well worth noting those down as well.

How can you stand out from other grads?

To really set yourself apart from the competition, try to tailor your resume to each role you apply for.

A simple way of doing this is picking skills and attributes out of the job advertisement and ensuring your resume reflects them. It will be obvious to the hiring manager if you just lift exact words and phrases out of the spec, so just try to mirror the tone and key points in your own words.

What then?

When you’ve written your resume and feel happy with its content, get someone to spell check it for you, or run it through a website like to make sure there are no spelling errors.

If you are interested in a specific role that a company is advertising themselves, try and get the details of the hiring manager to send your resume to. In many cases, however, you’re better off uploading your resume to job boards and recruiter websites – this means you can apply to multiple jobs that interest you and not limit yourself to one or two that might have heavy competition.

Remember – many employers might not specifically be looking for a graduate for their role, but if you can show that you’re a quick learner, have the drive to succeed and a resume that shows off your soft skills, you could find yourself in your dream job or company.

Now that you’ve got the perfect graduate resume, upload it to the Page Personnel website to start your job search.


Make sure you get the basics right:

  • Choose an honest and favourable referee
  • Keep it short, sharp and to the point – no more than two pages
  • Include any relevant work/volunteer/leadership experience
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