With a challenging year now behind us, hiring managers and job seekers can look forward to a more stable year ahead, with fewer unknowns and greater flexibility in work arrangements and hiring practices expected to continue in 2023.

Last year, we were faced with an unprecedented shift in the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic, which affected almost every industry, organisation and worker in Australia. And while life may not be quite back to normal, we do have a better handle on how to navigate many of the challenges we’ve had to face regarding employment. 

Whether you’re a hiring manager interested in employee insights or a job seeker looking for a potential new role, our new Salary Guide 2023 report, provides key hiring trends, insights around in-demand jobs and the highest paying jobs, plus overall sentiment from businesses and employees alike. 

Similar to last year, 9 out of the top 10 positions are in the finance sector. Chief Financial Officers take the number one spot, bringing in an average annual salary of $300,000. 

Here is a closer look at the data on the best paying jobs in Australia for 2023: 

Top 3 highest paying jobs and their salaries

Chief Financial Officer

Average salary: $300,000

Head of Transformation

Average salary: $220,000

Head of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Average salary: $200,000

More well paid jobs in Australia: opportunities for 2023

Although many changes have taken place over the last year, those in leadership positions are still taking home the highest salaries.

According to our proprietary data based on real job placements, the finance and accounting sector holds the greatest number of positions offering salaries that fall well into the six-figure mark. Among the well paid jobs in Australia, senior management positions such as Head of Commercial, Head of Finance and Head of Strategy follow closely behind the top three highest earning roles.

Coming in just behind senior management, Tax Directors are taking home an average $210,000 per year, while the Head of Internal Audit is at $190,000.

As in the previous year, Head of Customer Service is the highest earning role outside the Finance sector, earning $200,000. Australian consumers continue to view customer service as one of the key factors in their decision-making process, therefore it is a valuable area for most businesses. The role of the Director or Head of Customer Service is to ensure efficient customer service processes and protocols are in place across all channels.

Notably, Senior Managers responsible for strategy, corporate finance and mergers are also taking home an average salary of $185,000.

In addition to an attractive salary and job security, the desire for greater flexibility remains a key consideration for many working Australians. The ability to work remotely, spend more time with family and choose more flexible working arrangements have become commonplace since the beginning of the pandemic, and it appears organisations will continue to implement policies and technologies to ensure these remain part of the employee benefits package.

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