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Salary Guide 2018

Australia salary guide 2018

Employers: The Page Personnel 2018 salary guide is our way of helping managers track the average salary in Australia. 

Employees: Check in with our salary centre to see how you compare to the market salary rate in 2018, by using our salary calculator. Then head over to our advice area for tips on salary negotiation before finding out how much you’ll be earning after income tax with our pay calculator.


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Employment trends in Australia*


2 professionals

average number of candidates employers interview before making a job offer


<1 month

average time employers take to secure talent


1-2 rounds

of interviews undergone by candidates with a company before securing a position

*These employment trends are based on Page Personnel’s database in the last 12 months


If you’re taking on a new job or making an offer to a candidate, agreeing on the right salary can be a difficult task. Average salary benchmarks and a jobseeker’s experience level both come into play when salary is being negotiated and can make a big difference to the final offer.

We’ve put together some benchmarks on average salaries in Australia categorised by sector, so you have the right tools at your disposal when it comes to negotiating a salary.

If you’d like to know how your wage compares with others in your industry, you can also use our salary calculator to see how your current income shapes up against people with the same job title as you.

If you’re going through the job interview process, we also have plenty of helpful resources on how to negotiate salary and secure a competitive figure. Before you agree to an offer, you can also look at exactly how much you’ll be earning after tax with our take-home pay calculator.

Our salary guide is here to help employers and jobseekers with everything from negotiating a salary to average salaries and take-home pay, but it’s only a small part of what we do here at Page Personnel. If you’re looking for help taking the next step in your career or are searching for the right candidate for your business, get in touch with our recruitment specialists to discuss your requirements.