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Our average salary is calculated using job titles from Michael Page placements and advertised roles in the last 12 months. The data is updated every three months and does not allow for bonuses or benefits. The salaries provided are for use in the salary comparison tool only. Salaries vary based on qualifications, experience and company type. These figures are generally the total remuneration (i.e. cash including superannuation), excluding bonus/incentive schemes.
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Salary Benchmarking Tool

Do you know what you’re worth? Or what your employees are worth? An up-to-date salary comparison tool can help you answer these questions to better prepare you for interviews – whether you are the interviewee or interviewer. Simply enter your job function and industry to compare salaries for a breakdown of average salaries at each career level.

For employers, this tool can be an aid in determining what to offer compared with the average salary for each role.

On the other hand, new employees can use this information to help them negotiate a fair starting wage for their skill set and experience compared with others at a similar level in the same industry. Similarly, current employees looking to negotiate a pay rise can use this data to present a convincing case.

What are they worth? Average salary benchmarking for businesses

In the fast-paced business world, any edge over your competitors is a valuable one – and that includes hiring the best talent in the industry. So how do you attract the type of employee that will make a splash in your company? Start by finding out the average industry salary benchmark, and use this as a base to decide how to incentivise new employees. Of course, other benefits and the company culture will play a role, but a salary is often at the heart of new contract negotiations. Find out what the average salary is in your industry by entering the discipline and sector to see an up-to-date list of average wages in your field for each level.

What are you worth? Comparing salaries for candidates

Never walk into a salary negotiation without first researching what you might expect as a salary benchmark for your skills and experience in your industry. Not only will this give you a realistic starting point for your conversation, but you’ll also have accurate and up-to-date data to present as evidence of your worth. This is true for candidates who are brand new to the industry, just as it is for those who hold senior roles with decades of experience. Additionally, this tool can be a real help for those who are remaining in their current jobs but looking to negotiate a higher salary.

How does the salary benchmarking tool work?

Page Personnel has helped countless candidates find new positions all over the country for years. We use data from the past 12 months of placements to update our salary tool, ensuring that wage information is recent and accurate for all levels in all industries.

Looking for salary benchmarking specific to your business? Contact us to find out more.