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Employment and Salary Forecast - Finance & Accounting

We surveyed more than 2,700 professionals across Australia about salaries and hiring trends in their industries.

Adding our own insights and research, we’ve created a series of employment and salary reports covering what’s important for both employers and jobseekers.

Here’s a quick guide on what’s happening in finance:

  • Recruitment outlook; hiring activity is strong for permanent staff across roles in accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll
  • While accounts payable staff have found themselves in a weaker job market than in the past, payroll managers, credit managers and payroll processing staff are still in high demand
  • Regional snapshot; New South Wales and Victoria are displaying particularly high levels of confidence among employers, however, a dramatic increase in recruitment levels can only occur if the national economy grows to give businesses more confidence
  • Industry conditions; cost efficiencies and process improvements have led to lean payroll and credit functions, but this is expected to rise as and when businesses encounter more positive trading conditions
  • Salary snapshot; there’s been reduced remuneration for heads of payroll and credit across Australia, but most other roles will see salary increases
  • Stability and remuneration are the words on candidates’ lips when looking for roles - they want to feel secure in their positions and be rewarded appropriately for their work

If you want more information on salaries and recruitment in your field, download the complete Page Personnel Finance Salary & Employment Outlook today