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Jobs growth reflects rising business confidence

  • 47% of employers will increase staff numbers in the first quarter
  • Most hiring at mid-level across front office and operational areas
  • 94% of companies expect business conditions to remain stable or improve

Australia will see strong jobs growth across professional occupation groups during the first quarter of 2011, according to the latest Michael Page Employment Index.

Some 47% of the employers surveyed will be recruiting to fill newly created positions, with the strongest hiring focus on revenue generating functions like sales and business development. There is a growing requirement for senior professionals as companies hire experienced personnel to implement new business strategies and manage growing teams.

Business confidence levels are improving, with 48% of survey respondents anticipating trading conditions will strengthen during the first quarter.

“Our clients have started the year positively and this is leading to an increase in the number of job opportunities on offer, particularly in sectors like mining and resources. The challenge will be in attracting and retaining top talent in a professional labour market where the demand for skills outweighs supply,” said Phillip Guest, Managing Director of Michael Page, Australia & New Zealand.

Most of the employers surveyed are expecting staff turnover rates to increase in the first quarter. In response, 41% of our survey respondents are already placing a major focus on their retention strategies. The favoured approach is to offer employees professional development and training, followed by other strategies such as workplace flexibility and financial rewards.

“Over recent years the Australian labour market has proved resilient by global standards and skills shortages are intensifying. Professionals are confident about changing jobs in a positive market and employers will need to work hard to retain their best performers in 2011,” said Mr Guest.