Getting your CV ready for your job search is a big achievement, but applying for dozens of different roles with the exact same version will drastically reduce your chance of success. A resume that’s perfect for one role might be largely irrelevant for another – which is why it’s so important to tailor your resume to each role you apply for.

But what if you’re applying for multiple contracting jobs, or temp roles as well as permanent work? Adapting your CV for temp and contract roles will make you a more desirable candidate simply because employers often look for different things in a temp.

The same presentation rules apply when writing a contractor resume versus a standard resume, but there are some elements that may need tweaking to make your CV stand out to a hiring manager looking for certain attributes from a temporary worker. 

Consider the following resume tips when applying for a temp role.

Highlight your temp skills

There are certain skills and attributes that will make you stand out as a good candidate for a temporary position. Depending on the role, these might include:

  • Adaptability
  • Project management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • An innovative mindset
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • Familiarity with specific systems or technologies

Read over the job description to pinpoint the relevant skills for the role in question, and highlight your relevant experience in a prominent position so it’s easy for the hiring manager to spot them quickly when they scan your CV. 

Keep it specific to the contract job, and you

It’s important to include keywords in your resume that are relevant to the contract role you’re applying for. With that said, don’t just add buzzwords for the sake of it – make sure the skills and attributes you include genuinely apply to your experience. 

When you do contract work you’re not expected to do much learning on the job, but rather to come in and make an immediate difference. So consider each job specification when adapting your CV for temp and contract roles and make adjustments for each position.

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Include real-world examples

Listing your skills and experience is one part of the process, but in many cases it won’t be enough on its own to get noticed. To really stand out from the crowd, use real-life examples from past experience, stating what action you took and what the result was.

This might look something like:

During a three-month contract role at X Company, I supported the migration of customer data from X System to X System. Due to my efficient work ethic and ability to learn quickly, the project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

Adapting your CV for temporary and contract roles doesn’t have to mean a complete rewrite of your existing CV, but you should make sure you’re not leaving out the desirable qualities you have that align with temp working.

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