When you’re the person in charge of everyone else’s to do lists, it can be tricky juggling your own responsibilities too. Does your day ever go something like this:
Get boss to meeting on time: check. Book travel to event: check. Organise agenda for conference: check. Find corporate gift supplier that’s within budget but still a well-known, premium brand and also provides a positive message of friendly professionalism: … 
EAs, PAs, secretaries and office managers all over the country are constantly in need of brilliant ideas for corporate gifting with a difference. But how can you find a supplier that sets you apart and leaves your best clients with a great impression of your company? 
Why is corporate gifting so important?
Think of corporate gifting as part of your overall customer experience. If your boss is striving to build a great relationship with a client, enhance that experience by partnering with a brand you know to be credible and who can provide a range of options for different needs (e.g. personal thanks, event take aways etc).
Corporate gifting can hold great meaning to some customers – particularly if they are used to receiving gifts from their other corporate partners. It might sound like spending money for no reason, but it’s actually a fairly cost effective way of building and maintaining a lasting relationship with a customer.
What is appropriate for corporate gifting?
This is usually relative to the size of the company you work for and the type of service you provide. A digital marketing agency might choose a small, inexpensive gadget to leave with clients, whereas a law firm might opt for a food and drinks hamper. Speak to your boss about the type of message they want to send – but it’s always safest to choose a brand and product that isn’t specific to gender or age.  
Beware of cost too – corporate gifts are a token of thanks, you’re not trying to bribe your customers!
Is corporate gifting only for clients/customers?
Not necessarily. If you can establish a good partnership with your corporate gifting supplier, you can use them for in-house supplies and gifts too. Many companies use office supplies such as hard bound note pads or mouse mats as corporate gifts, why not arrange a deal with your supplier to bulk buy? You could end up saving money as well as fitting out your office with top notch post-it notes and pens! 
Our major sponsor for the 2016 EA of the Year award has plenty to offer in this space too. T2 offers a whole new side to office tea breaks and corporate gifting. When we asked them what they think makes a great corporate gift partner, they told us:
“We find that customers love T2 as a gift option as the brand is instantly recognisable as premium, our range of sample packs means it’s a great option for a wide range of people. A T2 gift also means that your recipients are going to be able to use the products on an on-going basis and not just as a one off, which leaves that lasting memory of the gift giver.
We also try to make it as convenient as possible for the gift organiser by offering generous discounts based on volume, a tailored solution to match brand colours/event themes, delivery to either one location or direct to the gift recipients as well as our signature T2 gift wrap, complimentary.”
That sounds good to us! Ready to talk corporate gifts? [email protected]
Should corporate gifting be branded?
This is entirely up to you and your boss. Although it’s worth remembering that if you’re giving this gift as a thank you for someone’s business, you probably don’t need to sell them your brand anymore. Gifts feel more authentic when there is no hidden agenda.
Anything else to know?
Your boss may want to have a corporate gifting partner as well as explore options for more personalised gifts for particular circumstances. Depending on who you choose as your corporate gifting partner – they might be able to offer both, so really do your research on everything that’s available. 
We’ve placed some of the best EAs and PAs in Australia into some of the best companies, and we know that corporate gifting is just one of a million other responsibilities you deal with on a daily basis. If you think you, or a colleague, deserves to be Page Personnel’s 2016 EA of the Year, send them here to apply. After you’ve found your ultimate corporate gifting partner of course!


The ultimate aim of corporate gifting is to create a memorable customer experience. Remember the following:

  • You’re not just spending money – you’re saying thank you for your customers’ business
  • Agree on a partnership with a corporate gifting supplier to bring down rates
  • Find a supplier who can have multiple uses – corporate gifting, office supplies, event collateral etc
  • The more you buy, the greater the discount you will receive
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