Do  you ever find that you dread Monday mornings, and dragging yourself out of bed to go to work is the absolute last thing you feel like doing? You're not alone, it's perfectly normal to feel unhappy in your career sometimes. You also shouldn't give up hope just yet - there are plenty of ways you can change the things that are making you miserable at work. And if these tips don't work, maybe it's time to think of a change of job!

Watch our short video below to find out the seven deadly job signs and how to turn them around for a happy career.


What are the seven deadly job signs to look out for?

1. You dread Monday mornings

2. You've stopped caring

3. You envy other people's jobs

4. You take random sick days

5. Your job is too easy, or too hard

6. You are underpaid

7. You dislike your colleagues

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