Hiring managers will often receive between 20-50 resumes for a job listing, and it can be difficult for your resume to stand out in a crowd that big. So what can you do to catch a recruiter’s eye?

Fans of the 2001 film Legally Blonde will remember that one of main character Elle Woods’ signature touches was hot pink resumes doused in her perfume. Though it was constantly remarked on, and often looked down on, no-one could deny it made her memorable. Was this fiction? Yes. Does the attitude still apply? Yes!

While scented fuchsia paper may be going a little overboard (not to mention hard to source and probably not great for the environment), adding a creative touch to your resume can be a fun way to make yourself distinctive and memorable.


Generally speaking, it is advised that you keep your resume as simple and easy to read as possible – having a visually-distinctive resume isn’t much use if no-one can read it. However, you can still find ways to be creative like using an elegant but distinctive font, as long as the font choice is consistent across the whole resume. Try looking up interesting typography for inspiration.


If you have separated your resume into sections (Education, Career history, etc.) you might like to make them look a little more distinctive by changing the style or size. Even something as simple as italicising the subheadings can break up large blocks of text and pull attention to the different sections.

Most word processors have style options embedded, so try using different styles of subheadings to keep your resume sections neat and tidy while also adding a little visual flair.

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QR code

If you want to show a potential employer some samples of your work without having to send them additional documents, you could insert a scannable QR (Quick Response) code into your resume which would link them to your portfolio. Think of it like a barcode, except instead of it showing you the price of laundry powder, it would show potential employers your work.

If you’re working in visual design or illustration, this might be a website with your best work samples uploaded in an easy to access format. For a videographer, the link could be a YouTube video with your highlights reel.

Visual effects

Adding some visual effects can be an easy way to personalise your resume – consider infographics, your logo or your own personalised banner. As long as you find a way to fit them in without having it distract from or interfere with the writing itself, there should be some flexibility with your margins and header or footer. Particularly if you are already working as either a freelancer or an independent contractor, by using your own logo or personalised header you can show a hiring manager that you are professional and have an established personal brand.

If you’re looking for further advice on crafting your ideal resume, get in touch with a Page Personnel specialist today.


Add some creative notes to your resume without sacrificing content quality or clarity by:

·         Using an interesting and elegant font

·         Experimenting with sub-headings and styles

·         Inserting a QR code to easily show samples of your work

·         Incorporating aspects of your visual brand

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