Marketing is a huge sector in Australia, accounting for around 269,000 jobs nationwide. But with so much talent in the industry and in-demand skill sets constantly changing, competition is fiercer than ever.

So, how can you give yourself access to the best marketing job opportunities this year? Here’s what you need to know.

Australian marketing jobs in 2018

Deloitte’s occupational and education trends in marketing in Australia report estimates that the number of employees in the marketing industry will increase to over 299,000 by 2022. On top of that, the marketing industry’s average annual growth rate of 2.2% is well above the 1.5% annual growth forecast for the entire Australian labour force. Although this is a long-term outlook, signs are pointing to a flourishing marketing sector this year.

While marketing jobs are aplenty throughout the country, the states with the biggest share of the marketing sector – NSW (44.5%) and VIC (30.1%) – are likely to offer up the top job opportunities in Australia. Within those states, there will be no shortage of opportunities, particularly city-based marketing jobs in Sydney and Melbourne.

Marketing skills for the future

It’s no surprise that marketing professionals that are tech savvy will be sought after this year thanks to the rise of a wide spectrum of marketing technologies. As a result, specialist talent like growth marketing executives and e-commerce specialists is replacing the need for broadly skilled marketers.

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People with digital marketing experience will also be at the forefront of employers’ minds this year as they begin to focus more of their budget on online platforms. Online advertising spend in Australia, for example, grew by 11.7% over the last financial year to reach $7.6 billion and the digital content marketing industry is tipped to be worth more than $300 billion worldwide by 2019 – so the need for digital marketing expertise is only going to become more pronounced.

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The emerging need for businesses to make decisions based on data rather than intuition also has implications for in-demand marketing skills. In a survey of almost 500 marketing executives, 40% reported that they require skills in technology and digital engagement, compared to only 16% who are after traditional skills in creative and graphics and 26% who identify skills needs in advertising and branding.

So for those who are looking to grow their marketing careers this year, the focus should be on developing skills that allow them to utilise data analytics, online mediums, and new technologies to drive marketing campaign successes.

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