I joined PageGroup in 2004 as a consultant on the banking team where I have learned so much, billed well and went through a lot with my team.  It was truly a “work hard, play hard” environment.  Then, I met my fiancée and ended up leaving the firm three years later in 2007. I moved to Japan, joined a global managing consultancy firm for four years, had two children and in 2015, reached out to the Regional Managing Director (who I previously worked with in Hong Kong) and asked if there was any open opportunities for me.

I was then living in Beijing with a shift in my priorities. I still wanted something challenging, results driven and work with great leaders, but I also wanted the flexibility to spend time with my children and take care of my home and personal life that are important to me.

Luckily, PageGroup was looking for a Talent Acquisition Manager to help with hiring in Greater China. I joined and was given the autonomy to approach the role using my strengths. Now two and a half years in and a move to Singapore, I’ve just been given the opportunity to expand the team and to make the function a permanent and valuable part of our business for the longer term.

What I have enjoyed most about my time at PageGroup is the constant learning, being surrounded with leaders who will support, push and guide you, I am able to continually grow and challenge myself outside of my comfort zone. I speak with amazing people every day and some of my greatest achievements now is to hear that the person I hired, is successful with us in the business.